Watch Movie The Good Bad Mother Ep 14 Eng Sub Bilibili

The Good Bad Mother” is about the humanistic journey of a young prosecutor after an unfortunate accident, and how he copes with past wounds and memories. The film takes you into the story of motherhood, hope, and the possibility of human revival. Article “Watch Movie The Good Bad Mother Ep 14 Eng Sub Bilibili” on the website “” Shows us hope and love, they find forgiveness and the ability to revive people. Watch now to discover the excellent acting and the profound message of motherhood.

Watch Movie The Good Bad Mother Ep 14 Eng Sub Bilibili
Watch Movie The Good Bad Mother Ep 14 Eng Sub Bilibili

I. Information about the movie The Good Bad Mother On Bilibili

The Good Bad Mother is a touching story about the relationship between a single mother Jin Young-soon and her son Choi Kang-Ho. Shown on Bilibili English version. Young-soon lives a hard and harsh life protecting and nurturing Kang-Ho. However, after an accident, Kang-Ho reverts to his childish state and returns to his hometown to find himself.

With the help of their childhood friend, Lee Mi-Joo, Young-Soon and Kang-Ho embark on a journey to heal their family relationship and explore the capacities for forgiveness, love, and personal transformation. The film delivers outstanding performances and creates an emotionally charged cinematic experience about maternal love and the changes in life.

Information about the movie The Good Bad Mother On Bilibili
Information about the movie The Good Bad Mother On Bilibili

The Good Bad Mother

  • Episodes: 14 episodes
  • Directed by: Shim Na-yeon
  • Duration: 70 minutes/episode
  • Production year: 2023
  • Country: Korea
  • Genre: Psychological – Romance, Comedy, Family – School
  • Actors: Ra Mi Ran, Lee Do Hyun, Ahn Eun Jin, Yoo In Soo, Jung Woong In, Choi Moo Sung
  • Status: Movie is playing
  • Language: Vietnamese subtitles
  • Views: 11,625,691
  • Rating: 8.9 Stars
Watch all 14 episodes of “123” here:

II. Video Review Movie The Good Bad Mother Ep 14 Eng Sub Bilibili

III. Content and details in the movie

The movie “The Good Bad Mother” is a poignant story about the love between a mother and a child, hope, forgiveness, and the capacity for redemption. The film revolves around two main characters, Young-Soon and her son Kang-Ho.

On their journey to rebuild their mother-son relationship, Young-Soon and Kang-Ho face various challenges and difficulties. Together, they explore and understand the wounds, hopes, and mistakes of the past. Meanwhile, Mi-Joo, Kang-Ho’s childhood friend, also joins this journey and becomes a significant factor in reconciling the family relationship.

Under the influence of their environment and surrounding events, Young-Soon and Kang-Ho gradually realize that love and maternal bonds cannot be erased by any challenges.

Through the journey of Young-Soon, Kang-Ho, and Mi-Joo, viewers witness the transformation, warmth, and the power of love that can illuminate each person’s soul. The movie “The Good Bad Mother ” not only honors filial piety but also explores the capacity for change and forgiveness, delivering a profound message about love and the human capacity for redemption.

Content and details in the movie
Content and details in the movie

IV. Characters featured in the movie

  • Jin Young-Soon (played by Ra Mi-Ran): Young-Soon is a single mother who manages a pig farm. She leads a challenging life and has gone through hardships to protect and nurture her son. Young-Soon may have a tough and strict exterior, but deep inside, she always has genuine love and unconditional sacrifice for her son.
  • Choi Kang-Ho (played by Lee Do-Hyun): Kang-Ho is Young-Soon’s son and a young prosecutor. He grows up with a cold and withdrawn demeanor, keeping personal secrets and distancing himself from his mother. After an accident, Kang-Ho loses his memory and reverts to a childlike state. He embarks on a journey to rediscover himself and repair his relationship with his mother.
  • Lee Mi-Joo (played by Ahn Eun-Jin): Mi-Joo is Kang-Ho’s childhood friend and his former girlfriend. She is a nail artist with a warm heart and cannot tolerate injustice. When she reunites with Kang-Ho, who has become a child after the accident, her life starts to change. Mi-Joo plays an important role in supporting Kang-Ho and Young-Soon in their journey of healing and rediscovering family bonds.

Additionally, the movie features the involvement of various significant supporting characters, but the aforementioned characters play the primary roles in delivering exceptional performances and contributing to the profound story of maternal love and personal transformation.

Characters featured in the movie
Characters featured in the movie

V. Reviews and comments about movies

One of the notable aspects of the film is the excellent performances by the cast. Ra Mi-Ran, in the role of Jin Young-Soon, portrays the pain, love, and sacrifice of a single mother brilliantly. Lee Do-Hyun, as Choi Kang-Ho, creates authenticity and emotional depth as he plays a grown-up facing memory loss and reverting to a childlike state. Other actors like Ahn Eun-Jin also contribute superbly in portraying complex emotions and character development.

The storyline of the film is also a strong point. It delves into the psychology of the characters and explores the challenges and wounds within the family relationship. The story weaves together elements of fairy tale and reality, creating a unique and captivating feel. The crafting of emotional dialogues and situations provides a profound and memorable cinematic experience.

The visuals in the film are also commendable. The cinematography and lighting are used skillfully to create a serene and familiar space. The outdoor settings and the pig farm bring about a sense of nature and intimacy. This contrasts with the darker aspects of life and the challenges the characters face.

Overall, “The Good Bad Mother Ep 14” delivers a touching and profound cinematic experience about maternal love and the human capacity for redemption. With excellent performances, a deep storyline, and a meaningful message, it is a film worth watching that leaves a lasting impression on the audience.

Reviews and comments about movies
Reviews and comments about movies
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