Harrowing video shows Syrian refugee kids Stabbing In France Playground, including tot in stroller

Witnesses captured harrowing footage of a distressing incident that unfolded in a playground in France. The shocking video depicts a group of Syrian refugee children engaging in a stabbing attack, targeting both adults and fellow kids. The alarming incident took place in France’s playground, sending shockwaves through the community. The footage shows the extent of the violence, with even a toddler in a stroller becoming a victim of this horrifying assault. For more details and updates on this tragic event, stay informed about the latest news surrounding the “Stabbing In France Playground” by visiting tomhouse.vn.

Harrowing video shows Syrian refugee kids Stabbing In France Playground, including tot in stroller
Harrowing video shows Syrian refugee kids Stabbing In France Playground, including tot in stroller

I. Syrian refugee children Stabbed in French Playground

The incident took place around 9:45 am local time at a playground near Annecy’s well-known lake, a cherished location for both locals and tourists due to its serene atmosphere and breathtaking views. The perpetrator bypassed adults in the park and made his way towards the play area. Within a short period, the police began pursuing him. Subsequently, he attacked an elderly man, prompting the police to fire shots and subsequently detain him.

According to Ms. Bonnet-Mathis, one of the adults present at the scene was injured by both the assailant’s knife and a shot fired by the police during the arrest.

Former Liverpool FC player, Anthony Le Tallec, happened to be jogging nearby and witnessed the attack. In a video he posted on Instagram, Le Tallec quoted a mother as telling him, “There’s someone stabbing everyone along the lakeshore. He’s knifed children.” Despite being confused, Le Tallec continued jogging but soon noticed a man approaching him with police officers in pursuit. He recounted, “I see that he’s heading straight for a group of elderly men and women. He attacks one grandpa, stabs him once, the cops can’t catch him, so I tell the cops, ‘Shoot him’.” Le Tallec continued, “Then they start shooting, they shoot at the person, right in front of me.”

According to Ms. Bonnet-Mathis, the attacker does not seem to have a “terrorist motive,” and an investigation into attempted murder is underway. Mme Borne stated that the individual has no criminal record, is not known to any intelligence agency, has no history of psychiatric issues, and has been identified. She added that the man appears to be “homeless” and “isolated.”

Certain right-wing and far-right politicians in France seized upon the suspect’s identity to advocate for increased scrutiny of the country’s immigration and asylum policy.

Eleanor Vincent, an American author on vacation in Annecy, described how the crowd stood in “absolute silence” as the tragic events unfolded. She further expressed her empathy, stating, “As a parent who has lost a child, I know what these parents are experiencing. It’s a horror beyond belief.

Syrian refugee children Stabbed in French Playground

II. Harrowing video shows Syrian refugee kids Stabbing In France Playground, including tot in stroller

Disturbing video footage captured a Syrian refugee carrying out a series of stabbing attacks on terrified adults and children at a playground in Annecy, France. The footage, which lasted for 90 seconds, was shared online and depicted the harrowing incident that unfolded on Thursday. The assailant, dressed in black attire and sporting a blue headscarf, can be seen repeatedly lunging at people in Le Paquiet Park, a picturesque location in the Alpine town.

The video begins with the suspect swiftly exiting the play area of the park as the sound of agonizing screams fills the air. A male voice exclaims, “Jesus Christ!” in English, while the bearded attacker calmly toys with a chain around his neck, all the while brandishing his knife.

In the footage, a woman is seen struggling to push two young children in a double stroller, with the stabber running in circles nearby. The assailant then targets a nearby man who valiantly attempts to tackle him by swinging a bag.

As the brave individual pursues the attacker, calling out for the police, the assailant retreats back into the play area, vaulting over a small wall and charging directly at the terrified woman pushing the double stroller. The woman herself tries to confront the attacker, shouting, “Get away!” in English as she positions herself between him and the stroller.

Amidst the chaos, others cautiously attempt to intervene, but the frenzied attacker continues circling back around the stroller multiple times, leaning over and repeatedly stabbing downward. The chilling sounds of young children crying out in terror can be heard throughout the ordeal.

“Police! Police!” someone shouts as the man with the bag persists in his intervention efforts. The video concludes with the attacker leaving the play area and heading towards a grass field.

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III. The identity of the victim in the stabbing

According to lead prosecutor Line Bonnet-Mathis, four children, aged between 22 months and 3 years, sustained life-threatening injuries in the incident. Additionally, two adults were also injured. The victims’ identities were not immediately released, but authorities confirmed that at least two of the injured children were tourists, one of them being a British national. Witnesses at the scene corroborated reports that one of the victims had been in a stroller during the attack.

One of the British victims was a girl, who was among four toddlers targeted in the violent incident at the playground. The youngest child was just 22 months old. While all the young victims suffered life-threatening injuries, their conditions were reported as stable by the end of the day. The British girl was believed to be on a family vacation in the French Alps resort of Annecy and was transported to a hospital in Grenoble.

The youngest victim is a Dutch toddler, aged only 22 months old. The other two children, who are cousins and from France, are aged two and three.

The adult victims were both males, aged 70 and 78. The 78-year-old was reported to be accompanying his grandchild at the park when the horrifying incident took place.

The identity of the victim in the stabbing
The identity of the victim in the stabbing

IV. Suspect arrested

Police have apprehended a 31-year-old Syrian individual believed to be responsible for the morning assault on Thursday. The suspect, who had previously sought asylum in France, was denied entry as he had already been granted permanent residency and refugee status in Sweden a decade ago. French authorities have taken him into custody for further investigation.

Suspect arrested
Suspect arrested

V. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak shared his condolences following the horror attack.

The British Prime Minister expressed his sympathy for those affected by the horrific attack, including a British child, and offered assistance. He also confirmed communication with President Macron, reiterating their readiness to provide support.

Disturbing footage captured the knife-wielding assailant roaming the busy park in Lake Annecy, targeting children in front of terrified parents. Witnesses reported that at least one of the injured children was in a stroller at the time of the frenzied attack. People recounted their frantic escape as the attacker launched the assault in the playground before being pursued.

A video shared by Le Parisien and police union chief Bruno Attal depicted a man dressed in black brandishing a knife near the scene. The attacker, wearing a cross, could be heard shouting “in the name of Jesus Christ” while waving the knife in the air before stabbing the children.

Eyewitnesses described mothers screaming as the attacker targeted the kids. One witness told BFM TV that the assailant “jumped into the playground, started shouting, and then went towards the strollers, repeatedly hitting the little ones with a knife.” Another witness, George, the owner of a nearby restaurant, said, “Mothers were crying, everybody was running.”

Schools in the area were placed on lockdown in response to the horrifying incident, as confirmed by Deputy Mayor of Annecy, Chantale Farmer. She stated that the residents of the town were shocked and devastated, expressing their sadness and anger. Efforts were made to protect the children by securing the schools temporarily and providing information to parents and staff.

Former Liverpool footballer Anthony Le Tallec, who happened to be present at the scene, shared a video on his Instagram story. He recounted encountering a group of people running in the opposite direction, warning him about a person stabbing people, including children. Le Tallec urged everyone to run and described the panic and chaos caused by the attacker.

Witnesses reported that the attacker shouted in English, causing widespread panic and deliberately targeting defenseless children. The motive behind the attack remained unclear. Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne expressed the shock felt by the entire country in the wake of the tragedy.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak shared his condolences following the horror attack.
Prime Minister Rishi Sunak shared his condolences following the horror attack.
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