Delta Employee Misgender Video: Incident, Controversy, And Delta’s Response

A recent incident involving Delta employees misgendering transgender actress Tommy Dorfman at LaGuardia Airport has sparked outrage and ignited a fierce debate on social media. In a now-deleted TikTok video, Dorfman expressed her frustration and called out the staff for intentionally misgendering her. The video went viral, drawing attention to the issue and prompting discussions about the importance of gender inclusivity and respectful treatment. As Delta conducts a review of the incident, opinions are divided, with some calling for staff termination while others argue that Dorfman may have sought attention on social media. In this article, explores the details of the “Delta Employee Misgender Video” incident, delving into Delta’s response, the ensuing controversy, and differing perspectives on the matter.

Delta Employee Misgender Video: Incident, Controversy, And Delta's Response
Delta Employee Misgender Video: Incident, Controversy, And Delta’s Response
Key Takeaways
Tommy Dorfman encountered intentional misgendering by Delta employees at LaGuardia Airport.
A TikTok video captured Dorfman criticizing the staff and highlighting previous instances of misgendering.
Delta is conducting a review and investigating the incident.
The incident sparked controversy on social media, with differing opinions on the situation.
Delta is communicating with customers to gain further insight into the matter.

I. Incident at LaGuardia Airport

A recent incident at LaGuardia Airport involved Delta employees misgendering Tommy Dorfman, a transgender actress known for her role in “13 Reasons Why.” Dorfman had a confrontation with the Delta staff after they referred to her using incorrect pronouns. This incident highlights the ongoing challenges faced by transgender individuals who often experience intentional misgendering and disrespect.

The incident occurred while filmmaker Dylan Mulvaney, a friend of Dorfman, was waiting for a flight to Atlanta. Dorfman expressed her frustration in a TikTok video, which has since been deleted, where she confronted the Delta employees for initially referring to her as a woman and later correcting themselves to ‘he.’ In the video, Dorfman emphasized that this was not an isolated incident and that she had been intentionally misgendered in the past.

Incident at LaGuardia Airport
Incident at LaGuardia Airport

II. Tommy Dorfman encounters intentional misgendering

Tommy Dorfman, a transgender actress widely known for her role in “13 Reasons Why,” experienced intentional misgendering by two Delta employees prior to a recent flight. The incident took place at LaGuardia Airport, where Dorfman was waiting for a flight to Atlanta accompanied by filmmaker Dylan Mulvaney. Dorfman later posted a TikTok video, which has since been deleted, capturing the encounter.

In the TikTok video, Dorfman confronted the Delta staff for initially referring to her as a woman and subsequently correcting themselves to use “he” pronouns. She expressed her frustration and called out the employees, stating that this was not the first time she had encountered intentional misgendering. The video shed light on the issue and generated a significant amount of attention on social media.

III. Delta’s response and investigation

Delta’s initial statement

Following the incident at LaGuardia Airport, Delta released an initial statement expressing their awareness of the situation. The airline stated that they take such allegations seriously and are committed to treating all customers with respect and inclusivity. They emphasized that discrimination or intentional misgendering goes against their policies and values as a company.

Reviewing internal procedures

In response to the incident, Delta initiated an investigation to understand what transpired between their employees and Tommy Dorfman. The airline announced that they would review their training programs to reinforce policies regarding gender identity, respectful communication, and inclusivity.

IV. Social media controversy and differing opinions

Backlash against Delta’s handling of the incident

The incident involving Tommy Dorfman and the misgendering by Delta employees quickly gained traction on social media, sparking a wave of backlash against the airline. Many expressed their disappointment and frustration with how Delta handled the situation. Supporters of Dorfman argued that intentional misgendering is a form of discrimination that should not be tolerated, especially from customer service representatives who are expected to provide a safe and respectful environment for all passengers. They called for stronger action from Delta, including terminating the employees involved.

Defending Delta’s response

On the other hand, there were individuals who defended Delta’s response to the incident. They believed that while misgendering is unacceptable, it should not automatically result in employee termination. Some argued that punitive measures alone may not be effective in fostering understanding and inclusivity among staff members. Instead, they suggested implementing comprehensive training programs to educate employees about transgender issues and promoting an inclusive workplace culture.

The role of social media in shaping perceptions

Social media platforms played a pivotal role in shaping public perception of this incident. Opinions varied depending on users’ personal experiences, beliefs, and understanding of transgender issues. The viral nature of Dorfman’s TikTok video allowed her message to reach millions around the world within hours. This exposure amplified discussions surrounding gender identity rights and shed light on instances where transgender individuals continue to face discrimination in various aspects of their lives.

“Intentional misgendering is a harmful act that takes away someone’s basic human dignity. Delta needs to take swift action and terminate the employees responsible for this incident.” – Transgender Rights Advocate

V. Delta’s Communication with Customers

Addressing Concerns and Gathering Insights

Following the incident involving Tommy Dorfman, Delta has taken swift action to address the concerns raised by customers. The airline understands the importance of inclusive and respectful treatment for all passengers, regardless of their gender identity. Delta has reached out to affected customers to offer support and gather further insights into the incident. This proactive approach allows the airline to understand the extent of the issue and make necessary improvements to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Open Dialogue and Transparency

Delta aims to maintain open communication with its customers throughout the investigation process. The airline acknowledges the significance of transparency in resolving any controversy and ensuring accountability. Delta has provided channels for customers to share their experiences, feedback, and concerns regarding any instances of misgendering or discrimination. By actively engaging in ongoing dialogue, Delta demonstrates its commitment to listening, learning, and fostering an inclusive environment that values and respects everyone’s gender identity.

The following information has been compiled from various sources, including and different newspapers. While we have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information, we cannot guarantee that every detail is completely accurate and verified. Therefore, it is advised to exercise caution when citing or utilizing this article for research or reports.

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