Watch Video Chained Body Found Magnet Fishing In Detroit

In a shocking and unsettling turn of events, a video has emerged capturing the chilling discovery made during a magnet fishing excursion in Detroit. The footage “Chained Body Found Magnet Fishing In Detroit“, available at, showcases the disturbing moment when a group of magnet fishers pulls up a peculiar cluster of bones resembling a ribcage from the depths of a river. The gravity of the situation quickly dawns upon them as they realize the bones are connected by chains, suggesting a sinister act of restraint. The video captures the raw emotions of the finders, their expressions shifting from confusion to horror, prompting urgent calls for justice and a thorough investigation into this appalling incident.

Watch Video Chained Body Found Magnet Fishing In Detroit
Watch Video Chained Body Found Magnet Fishing In Detroit

I. Chained Body Found Magnet Fishing Reddit

1. Chained body found detroit

A video clip recorded by a camera witnesses a spine-chilling scene, where a rib-like skeletal structure is pulled up from the surface of a river near Tireman Avenue, located in Rouge Park, Detroit, Michigan, USA. This terrifying imagery comes into view following an utterly unexpected and horrifying moment experienced by a man who was magnet fishing: he retrieved a dead dog’s carcass, eerily entwined in chains.

2. Motor city magnet fishers body found

This man, popularly known to the public via his YouTube channel named ‘Motor City Magnet Fisherman’, was in the process of trying to dredge up debris from the river when his fishing net encountered a bag tightly fastened with hefty chains. The bag, from the murky depths of the river, hid a dreadful surprise for the fisherman – the remains of a dead dog. The grim discovery, shown in the footage, sent chills down the viewers’ spine, illustrating an unexpected and shocking twist in what was supposed to be a regular magnet fishing trip. The skeletal remnants, ominously wrapped in chains, had been disturbingly lurking beneath the water’s surface, waiting to be unearthed in the most horrifying circumstances.

Watch Video Chained Body Found Magnet Fishing In Detroit

II. Watch Video Chained Body Found Magnet Fishing In Detroit

III. Found a dog with a chain thrown into the river and drowned

1. Body found magnet fishing detroit

The video footage reveals the horror-inducing visuals of a rib-like cluster of bones being hoisted up from the water’s surface of the river. The magnet fisherman, evidently disconcerted, as he verifies the bone fragments on his fishing net, is hit with the chilling realization that they could potentially belong to a human skeleton. In the video, he ponders aloud in alarm, “Is that a dog or a human, man! That’s a rib cage right there!”

Even after he momentarily halts his magnet fishing operation, the stench of decay rapidly permeates the atmosphere, provoking a visceral response as he exclaims, “The smell is horrendous.”

2. Noble cause to aid in river cleansing

This man, along with his team, is engaged in a community effort to clean up the local river. They had been on the scene for a mere 10 minutes prior to this shocking discovery. The carcass of what was presumed to be a dog had been compressed tightly and dumped into the river, bound with chains that seemed heavy-duty, the kind used for lumber operations.

What was initially a noble cause to aid in the river’s cleanup swiftly took a gruesome turn, sending shivers down their spines. The ghastly discovery, the rotten stench permeating the air, and the uncertainty of the bone fragments’ origin combined into a haunting experience that would undoubtedly leave a lasting impression. This startling incident, unfolding merely minutes into their cleanup operation, was a stark reminder of the unexpected horrors that lurk beneath the surface, waiting to be revealed in the most unsuspecting circumstances.

Watch Video Chained Body Found Magnet Fishing In Detroit

IV. The online community’s reaction to chained body found magnet fishing unedited

The shocking discovery sparked an initial wave of disbelief and horror among users, with many expressing their shock and using phrases like “Oh my god” and “This is horrifying.” Some users questioned the authenticity of the video, seeking clarification on whether it was staged or a genuine find.

As news spread, outrage and anger quickly permeated the online community, with users expressing their disgust and condemning the act. Demands for justice for the victim and calls for a thorough investigation to identify the perpetrators were widespread.

However, alongside the anger, there was also an outpouring of sympathy and compassion for the victim and their loved ones. Users offered condolences and support, with some sharing their own unsettling experiences in magnet fishing and empathizing with the shock and trauma involved.

The incident prompted discussions about personal safety while engaging in magnet fishing or similar activities. Users shared safety tips and encouraged others to stay vigilant. Debates arose regarding the potential dangers, risks, and even the legality and ethics of magnet fishing.

Watch Video Chained Body Found Magnet Fishing In Detroit

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