Watch Carla Moreau Sorcellerie Video Marc Blata

Discover the Carla Moreau Sorcellerie Video Marc Blata” – If you are looking for information on the famous scandal involving Carla Moreau, the French reality TV star, and Marc Blata, visit to watch the full video and learn more about this shocking story. Let’s uncover the details behind the scandalous incident and find out why Carla Moreau is accused of using black magic on her ex-boyfriend Kevin Guedj, as well as co-workers. Maeva Ghennam. Please visit to update the latest information on this case.

Watch Carla Moreau Sorcellerie Video Marc Blata
Watch Carla Moreau Sorcellerie Video Marc Blata

I. What is Carla Moreau Sorcellerie Video Marc Blata?

The Carla Moreau sorcellerie (witchcraft) video involving Marc Blata refers to a scandal involving French reality TV star Carla Moreau. In March 2021, Marc Blata, an influencer, revealed videos and voice notes in which Carla Moreau, a former cast member of the French reality show “Les Marseillais,” was heard casting spells against her then-boyfriend, Kevin Guedj, and fellow cast member, Maeva Ghennam.

Carla defended herself by claiming she was tricked by her psychic, Danaé, who allegedly extorted thousands of euros from her. Despite her explanation, many of her former colleagues and followers remained unconvinced and believed that Carla had used witchcraft to sabotage Maeva’s career and prevent Kevin from cheating on her.

The scandal led to a fallout between Carla Moreau and Kevin Guedj, eventually resulting in the end of their relationship. While the controversy has continued to resurface on social media, both parties have made public statements to address the allegations and defend their actions.

II. Watch Carla Moreau Sorcellerie Video Marc Blata

III. Carla defends herself by claiming she was tricked by a fortune teller

Carla Moreau and the witch scandal: a video leaked, ex-girlfriend of Kevin Guedj explains! Carla Moreau just made a comeback for a reason she definitely doesn’t want to. A new video of a Marseille girl putting a curse on Kevin Guedj has been revealed on social media. In March 2021, Carla Moreau and Kevin Guedj announced they would officially leave Les Marseillais following the witch scandal. Remember, Marc Blata has released videos and audio recordings of the little girl’s mother Ruby placing a curse on Kevin and Maeva Ghennam. As more evidence could be leaked online, rumors suggested that Kevin didn’t hesitate to spend money to protect Carla.

On the stage of the TPMP show, Carla defended herself by claiming she had been tricked by her fortune teller, Danaé, who had stolen thousands of euros from her. These explanations did not convince her former colleagues, they turned their backs on her forever, except for Paga. Some netizens have also sided with Les Marseillais, believing that Carla really used dark magic to disrupt Maeva’s career and prevent her husband from straying. And they don’t seem to be wrong. End a “toxic” relationship.

Watch Carla Moreau Sorcellerie Video Marc Blata

IV. Kevin spoke up after Carla’s statements

Unfortunately for Carla, all her efforts were in vain as Kevin was already in a relationship with Belle Longwell from the very beginning of the filming of La Bataille des Clans. This was too much of an insult to Carla, and she did not forgive the nth mistake of her daughter’s father. So, just nine months after her epic wedding in Courchevel, Carla has decided to end the relationship entirely, which she called “toxic” in a recent interview.

Immediately after the interview of the former girlfriend, Kevin spoke up, saying he was not satisfied with Carla’s statements. He has even threatened to reveal potentially embarrassing information to someone who has shared his life with him for more than six years:

So we’re going to talk about… the real things. See you soon! I’m tired of being hated by someone for whom I’ve sacrificed everything. And, who without me… you wouldn’t be listening to her right now.

He wrote, before quickly deleting his story.

And while Carla refused to comment on Kevin’s statement, she found herself in a dilemma.

Watch Carla Moreau Sorcellerie Video Marc Blata

V. The content of the video Carla casts a curse on Kevin

In fact, Instagram account Nabilflixx posted a snippet of a video that clearly recognizes Carla, casting a curse on the male genital representation. Carla repeats the prayers of the soothsayer, in order to drive Kevin away from the other women:

With this genitalia on behalf of Kevin Guedj, I request that from today, March 9, 2018, you will not have any…”

She can be heard speaking, before the video is cut. I hate #nabilelmoudni but in front of such a video of Carla Moreau using magic I couldn’t help but share it
(for those who have tiktok please share the next part with us please)
Notice how Kevin Guedj and Carla Moreau candles react
If some are convinced that Kevin Guedj is behind all this and carried out his threat, that doesn’t seem to be the case. The young father defended himself on Snapchat on Wednesday, April 12, 2023, claiming that he would never do such a thing, especially for the sake of Ruby, who may face the images. this photo for the next few years:

I just watched some people babble, about everything. (…) Personally, it doesn’t affect me, (…) the only problem is there is a 3-year-old girl who doesn’t ask for anything in this story and that the Internet will exist. forever. As for Carla, she announced on Instagram that she will speak out “in the coming days”. According to her, “what’s behind this story goes much further than candle videos”:

This case is a story of blackmail and intimidation, which I have endured for far too long. I’m not afraid anymore. A little later, Carla Moreau herself took the video, asserting that she was determined not to let herself be affected again and that she was not ashamed of being a victim:

I have decided that no one will be able to control me with these videos anymore. Let them be revealed, and good to them. (…) I made a mistake, yes, I met this fortune-teller, yes, I fell into a trap. (…) You only know 1% of this story.

Watch Carla Moreau Sorcellerie Video Marc Blata

VI. Public reaction to Carla Moreau and the witch scandal

The public reaction to Carla Moreau and the witch scandal has caused much controversy and divided the online community. Many people do not believe in Carla’s explanation of her being tricked by the fortune-teller Danaé and claim that she used black magic to ruin Maeva Ghennam’s career and prevent Kevin Guedj from cheating on her.

After the videos and recordings were revealed, Carla and Kevin received much criticism from the public. This affected their relationship and led to their breakup. Many of her former colleagues and fans have criticized Carla’s actions and consider it unethical.

However, there are also those who believe in Carla’s explanation and claim that she has become a victim of deception and blackmail. They assert that no one has the right to judge someone else’s personal life and call for understanding and tolerance for the mistakes Carla has made.

To sum up, Carla Moreau’s witch scandal has caused a lot of noise and mixed reactions from the public. This not only affected Carla’s reputation, but also caused a lot of damage to her relationship with Kevin Guedj and the other members of the show “Les Marseillais”.

Watch Carla Moreau Sorcellerie Video Marc Blata

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